Perch vs. Ratehub 2023: How do they compare?

Perch and Ratehub are both digital mortgage brokerages that utilize automation to offer you some of the best mortgage rates available on the market, but the question is: which one should you use? Let’s take a look at both platforms and compare them to see which is the best for homeowners and buyers.

What is Perch?

Perch is your one stop shop for all things homeownership. Whether you’re an existing homeowner or a first time buyer, Perch has all the tips and tools you need to help you make the best decision possible. Perch’s goal is to provide you with all the information you need to be a homeowner, including tons of articles designed to answer any questions you have and turn you into an informed buyer. As a licensed mortgage brokerage, Perch makes money when you get approved for a mortgage from a lender via Perch. Perch has automated 65% of the mortgage broker process, which enables you to get pre-approved online in as little as 20 minutes, with support from a mortgage advisor 7 days a week.

What is Ratehub?

Ratehub is a mortgage comparison site that aggregates mortgage rates from available lenders. Ratehub is also a mortgage brokerage which can connect you with a number of lenders to secure you a mortgage. In addition to mortgages Ratehub has expanded into credit cards, banking, and insurance, offering tools for you to compare rates. Ratehub makes money when they successfully sell you a mortgage, a credit card, a chequing account, insurance, or other financial product, usually through a commission.

Perch vs Ratehub: Mortgages

Both Perch and Ratehub are licensed mortgage brokerages. This means you can get approved for a mortgage on both sites. Shopping for a mortgage can be a frustrating and time-consuming process. Instead of calling around to multiple lenders or waiting for mortgage brokers to respond, you can quickly see your available mortgage offers in just a few clicks on both websites. Perch has automated the majority of the mortgage lending process, allowing them to transfer the savings to the home buyer. Perch also gives you insights into when it could be better for you to break your mortgage, and how much equity you have available for refinancing. You can also track your properties and mortgages directly in your Perch account, and keep up to date on your home(s). Both Perch and Ratehub offer fast and easy ways to view available mortgage rates and get approved for a mortgage.

So what are the differences between Perch and Ratehub when it comes to mortgages?

Well for one thing Ratehub accepts payment from mortgage lenders for preferential ranking in their rate comparison pages, Perch does not accept payment to promote a specific lender. Ratehub also asks for your email address and phone number before they will provide you with mortgage quotes. Unlike Ratehub, Perch is completely dedicated to mortgages and Perch’s senior mortgage advisors have an average of 8 years of experience in the industry. Perch offers phone, email and chat support 7 days a week. At this time, it does not appear that Ratehub offers online chat support.

Perch vs Ratehub: Homeowner tools

Perch has a variety of mortgage calculators and other resources for homeowners, to help make you make the right decisions. This includes things like knowing when to refinance, or calculating the benefits of breaking your mortgage. Perch’s aim is to be your stop for all things homeownership, which includes any tools and information you might need as a homeowner. With property value estimates updated monthly, and advice on the best time to break your mortgage or lock in rates, Perch is designed to help you make the optimal decision. Ratehub on the other hand, is not solely focused on homeowners so its resources are spread across its other categories like investing and banking. Ratehub’s tools are focused primarily on mortgage rates and don’t explore other aspects of homeownership and real estate investing. Perch’s Pathfinder lets you instantly compare thousands of personalized mortgage offers and sort by highest savings amount – so you can view rates without having to sign up for an account. 

Perch vs Ratehub: Calculators

Calculators can be very useful in determining what options you can afford, and giving you insight on your homeownership journey. When buying a home, crunching the numbers and making sure first of all that you can afford the home you’re buying is key. From there, most buyers will also want to calculate things like their closing costs, or some may want to use a rent vs buy calculator to determine if homeownership is the right move long term. 

Perch has plenty of calculators for you to use to help you do the math on your home-buying decision. Perch’s tools include among others: 

Ratehub also has a number of mortgage related calculators including:

  • Mortgage payment calculator 
  • Mortgage affordability calculator 
  • Mortgage refinance calculator

When it comes to homeownership related tools, Perch is the clear winner.


Overall, both Perch and Ratehub offer simple solutions to finding the best mortgage rates available. Both platforms can get you approved for a mortgage quickly with the best rates available. Ratehub has a number of other services like insurance and banking while Perch is focused on being your one-stop homeownership platform. If you’re looking for great mortgage rates and easy approvals, either platform will serve you well, but if you want to make the best decision about your real estate, then the additional tools and dedicated learning resources Perch offers give it the edge. 

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