So let’s say you’ve got a friend that needs a mortgage. You like being helpful, and you’re also in the know since you recognize how painful it can be to get a mortgage the traditional way.

At Perch, we firmly believe sharing is caring. So we put together a few talking points to help you out. Feel free to share this article with the world or use it to explain to your friends who need mortgages what it is we do:

“You know how banks make you call in and wait for a mortgage quote? Perch has a search engine that can show you available mortgages from multiple lenders instantly.”

We’ve got access to mortgages from 30+ trusted and regulated lenders, including the “big banks” like TD Bank and Scotiabank. So you could call each lender one-by-one and wait for a response, or you could just pop over and browse mortgage rates on your own time, all online. No awkward sales pitch necessary. 

“It takes less than a minute to sign up. And you don’t need to hand over every personal detail about your life.”

If you just want to open a Perch account and look around, it’s super quick. (We do ask for an email address though, FYI.)

“You can get pre-approved for a mortgage in like 20 minutes. And yes, it’s all done online. No, you don’t have to talk on the phone…unless you really want to.”

If you already have a pretty good idea of your income, assets (savings) and debts then getting pre-approved is easy. You’ll need to upload some documents like bank statements, proof of income and photo ID. Every step is clearly outlined so you’ll know what to do and why it’s important. If you get stuck, you can always start a chat with a mortgage advisor or give us a call.

As a heads up, if you only work in cash and keep it stuffed under your mattress, and also don’t have any photo ID, then getting pre-approved is going to take longer. Much, much longer. But we’re pretty confident this doesn’t apply to most of you who are reading this.

 “Even if you’ve already gotten pre-approved by your bank, you can still compare mortgage rates and shop around.”

Fun fact: Just because you got pre-approved by a bank or mortgage broker, doesn’t mean you need to stick with them.

Getting a good deal can save you thousands of dollars in mortgage interest per year. 

“It doesn’t cost anything to use Perch. It’s the mortgage lenders that pay the mortgage broker.”

It’s free to use our mortgage calculators, apply for a mortgage, and talk to our advisors. We don’t get paid by home buyers or owners. Perch only gets paid by the mortgage lender when you get a mortgage with us.

“You can sign in and see what your property is worth. It gets updated every month.”

Real estate is one of the biggest financial decisions you’ll ever make. It’s natural to want to know how your largest investment is performing, especially since it’s not one that’s bought and sold easily.

With monthly property value estimates, you’ll get a clearer picture of your overall net worth and financial health. You can better plan for retirement, get organized for estate planning, and know how much home equity you can tap into (say, for your next renovation project).

“Perch is fully licensed to operate across Canada and works with the top mortgage lenders.”

As a digital mortgage brokerage, Perch is fully licensed and regulated to be able to offer mortgages from some of Canada’s largest mortgage lenders, including banks, credit unions, B lenders and private lenders.

Among our key investors, we’re proud to be backed by Second Century Ventures, the strategic venture arm of the National Association of REALTORS®.

Still not convinced? Drop us a line at We’ll answer any questions and even send bonus cat pics if that helps seal the deal.

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