TORONTO, Feb 7, 2022 – Perch, the Toronto-based proptech company that seeks to help Canadians build wealth through real estate with its intuitive home ownership platform, announced today the launch of Pathfinder. The free web-based tool, accessible through desktop or mobile browser at, transforms how people shop for mortgages. Pathfinder asks for a few details about what a buyer or homeowner is looking to do, and they can instantly view and sort offers by total savings, mortgage rate, lender, term length, prepayment flexibility, and more.

Whether buying a home, renewing a mortgage, or looking to refinance, Pathfinder lets users seamlessly view real-time mortgage rates online. Those with an existing mortgage offer from any lender can easily compare it with products from 20+ lenders and see which offer has the higher total savings amount, making it a straightforward process to identify the best deal.

Notably, through predictive modeling, Pathfinder is the only tool that enables users to compare all mortgage deals as it relates to their overall expected costs. This includes things like:

  • Factoring in expected prime rate increases to compare a variable rate to a fixed rate
  • Factoring in expected rate movements to compare shorter terms against a 5-year rate
  • Factoring in expected penalties to break based on each lender’s specific penalty calculation methodology

Pathfinder also provides live insights so users can see what others are selecting for their mortgage term length, or how many are choosing fixed over variable rates.

“At Perch, we’re focused on building innovative products and tools that empower Canadians on their home ownership journey. Our goal is to make owning a home as simple and accessible as possible, which means putting information back into our clients’ hands and making it available 24/7,” says Perch CEO Alex Leduc. “We believe Pathfinder is a massive game changer in terms of how people shop for mortgages online. Instead of having to wait around for a call back or an email from their bank, users can instantly get the latest mortgage rates right at their fingertips and be fully empowered to find the best deal. Unlike rate comparison sites or advertised rates, they’ll see real, personalized mortgage offers from our lenders. For those who need help understanding their options or want to strategize before selecting a mortgage that’s right for them, we also offer dedicated 1:1 support, seven days a week, through one of our mortgage advisors.”

As the first company in Canada to offer an instant mortgage rate quote online, Perch’s newest tool gives users an efficient and convenient way to shop for and compare mortgages. This announcement comes on the heels of their $1M seed round funding that closed in October 2021.

About Perch:

Perch is Canada’s most intuitive home ownership platform that helps users build wealth through real estate. Perch is a member of the 2022 REACH Canada Program. REACH Canada is a technology scale-up program, developed by Second Century Ventures, the strategic venture arm of the National Association of REALTORS®. Perch has been featured in the Toronto Star, Winnipeg Free Press, BetaKit, TechTO and Realtor Magazine. To view the latest fixed and variable mortgage rates offered by Perch, visit To view the Perch mortgage payment calculator, visit

Perch was founded in 2018 by Alex Leduc, CFA and is proudly based in Toronto, Ontario. Follow us on Instagram @perchcanada and Facebook @perchcanada.

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