Wouldn’t it be nice if every house came with its own instruction manual? Whether you’re living in a century home or new condo, every property has its little quirks.

Luckily for you, the internet is a wonderful place to learn all kinds of things, including everything you need to know about home repairs, decorating and home maintenance. With the power of Reddit upvotes, the best advice is easy to find. Here are 10 Reddit communities to help new homeowners get inspired for their next DIY project (or know when to hire out!)

Pro tip: Sort posts by ‘Top’ and ‘All Time’ to see the best of the best content in that subreddit. It’s the quickest way to experience a new Reddit community.

1. r/HomeDecorating/

It’s basically like Pinterest, but for Redditors. Scroll through to find photos of some truly jaw dropping before and after makeovers or post your interior decorating problems to get personalized advice. Forget the unsolicited guidance from your mom about what’s trending, and crowdsource opinions in this popular subreddit. Even if you aren’t yet a homeowner, this subreddit can help you fantasize about your dream home and plan out how you’ll decorate your own place.

2. r/CleaningTips/

There’s something so satisfying about deep cleaning your stove or reorganizing your fridge. No? Okay, we’ll admit it’s not everyone’s favourite pastime. If you’re struggling with stuck on grime or an unidentified spill from the previous homeowner, this is the place to get advice on how to deal with it. The most popular posts tend to be some seriously drastic before and afters, but members are encouraged to ask questions and get tips on even the toughest of stains and mold.

3. r/HomeImprovement/

This subreddit can help you hire (or fire) a contractor, listen to you vent about the previous owner’s handiwork on repairing drywall, or get painting advice for absolute beginners. Learn from the mistakes of others who have come before you. Chances are good that someone else has faced what you’re facing. They survived – and you will too. With 3.7 million members and counting, this just might be the largest community of homeowners helping homeowners on the internet.

4. r/lawncare/

If you recently moved from a condo or apartment into a house with actual outdoor space and a garage, you’re quickly realizing keeping a green lawn is a lot of work. From mowing to weeding and overseeding, this Reddit community will have the answers you need. A mostly text-based subreddit, if you have a lawn you’ll want to check this community out for a (maybe a little too in depth) guide to lawncare.

5. r/Gardening/

Is it time to level up your landscaping? Or maybe you’re trying your best not to kill all your plants in the first month. Speaking of plants, if you’ve inherited some with your new property, this is a great place to identify exactly what’s growing under your deck. With 5.2 million members, this subreddit can also be a great place to go to just see some awesome gardens and interesting plants.

6. r/whatsthisbug/

Creepy crawling critters aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Sometimes you just want to know what that thing with a million legs is doing in your home, and how to get it out. Caution: There are a lot of photos of spiders in this Reddit community, so tread carefully. If you’re ever curious about a critter you’ve found in or around your property, post it here and you’ll get an answer from one of the ~800,000 or so members.

7. r/pestcontrol

Burning your house down is certainly an option. For a less aggressive approach, r/pestcontrol will show you the way. Similar to other nice subreddits, if you’re ever encountering an invasion of the miniature variety this is the place to go to get your answers. You probably won’t be browsing this subreddit every day but you might just want to bookmark it for when you need it, which is hopefully never.

8. r/ikeahacks/

Ahh, IKEA. Whether you’re a fan through design devotion or by necessity, there are some seriously creative Redditors out there making the Kallax or Billy bookcase look like a high-end piece. Similar to home decoration communities, this subreddit can be a great place to get some inspiration on how to spice up your home with some creative furniture uses.

9. r/homeautomation/

If you’ve ever wanted the power to walk through your home and have the lights turn on as you move from room to room, this is the Reddit community for you. Get recommendations on smart sensors, switches, cameras and locks. This one is for the tech lovers.

10. r/DIY/

While the world of do-it-yourself is broad, clicking into the ‘Home improvement’ or ‘Woodworking’ flair will help inspire. And if you decide DIY is not for you, paying a professional may be the way to go. With 22 million members, it’s likely that someone has tried that thing you’ve been thinking about repairing or building yourself, and they’re probably willing to share how they did it.

There you have it, the 10 best Reddit communities for homeowners. Have fun falling down the Internet rabbit hole! If you’re skeptical about the expertise of the social media collective, there’s always the experts to talk to. Our mortgage advisors are available to help you make the right choices when it comes to homebuying.

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