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First timers get pre-approved in 1 day with Perch

First time home buyers Grace and Kyle had saved up a substantial down payment to put up to 15% down on a property. They were looking in the range of $700k, for a townhouse or semi-detached in the Hamilton, Ontario area. Their bank was extremely slow to get them pre-approved but Perch was able to get them approved in 1 day.

  • who: First time home buyers
  • real estate goals: $700k townhouse or semi
  • issues: Low credit score

The issue

Grace and Kyle had a 15% down payment for a property and wanted to buy a $700k townhouse or semi-detached house in the Hamilton, Ontario area.

The major issue was that Kyle had some credit troubles in the past, but has since increased his score to just under the threshold of what most big banks require which is a minimum of 680. He has shown excellent repayment history and has done a great job rebuilding credit over the last year as they saved money together for the new home.

Grace and Kyle approached their local bank where they were asked for multiple documents upfront and were faced with slow turnaround times. Their bank rep was working on their pre-approval application for nearly 3 weeks before an answer was provided. Due to the slow pre-approval process and the bank’s uncertainty with the credit department, they were unable to get a direct answer on their approval in a timely manner and felt as though homeownership was too difficult to attain at times.

The solution

The first time home buyers decided to reach out to Perch to get help with their pre-approval. They filled out a Perch profile on a Friday evening, uploaded their documents over the weekend (they completed their own application while the banks were closed and unable to assist), and had a firm pre-approval letter by the following Monday at 11am.


  • 1 business day

Key takeaways

With Perch, your questions can be answered directly from your mortgage advisor. Perch mortgage advisors are also expert credit advisors that are available outside of the typical banking hours and can address any concerns you may have in a timely manner. This saves time and stress and allows you to look at properties sooner since pre-approvals can be done in as little as 20 minutes.

*Please note that names have been changed in this story to protect the privacy and identity of individuals.