We sat down with our friends at Onlia to discuss what you need to know about home and car insurance.

What is Onlia and how does it work?

Onlia is a digital insurance provider that offers insurance for auto, home, condos and tenants online. You can see why we at Perch thought it’d be a good fit for our users! Customers can get a quote, purchase a policy, and be covered the next day in minutes through their website. You can buy on the spot, and make changes to your policy anytime online– no phone calls required!

What are the main benefits of the Onlia process?

Since they’re a digital insurance provider, that means everything from getting a quote to changing your coverage can be done online in a few minutes. No brokers. No phone calls to make or spending hours on hold, or documents to scan. Imagine that.

Onlia’s policies are flexible and you’ll never be locked in. If your policy isn’t the right fit, you’re free to cancel at any time, no strings (or cancellation fees) attached.

How does Onlia compare to other providers?

Onlia’s policy comes with a number of additional coverages (like standard rental cars for auto and identity theft coverage for home) that may come at an extra cost from other providers. Their caring Claims team is always on call (24/7) to provide support if you need it. On top of that, their home and auto insurance policies are priced very competitively (especially if you bundle them).

Not to mention the savings of going with Onlia. Safe drivers always save more at Onlia. Their insurance customers can earn cashback rewards of up to $40 every month or driving safely with Onlia Sense™ – that equals a potential savings of 20% of their yearly premium. Even if they don’t have an Onlia insurance policy, you could still save more with Onlia Sense. You can earn rewards, like gift cards, for successfully completing safe driving challenges.

Curious about how much you could save? Get a quick estimate through their Car Insurance Savings Calculator.

What service does Onlia provide to users?

Their customer service agents are online from Monday – Friday 9 AM – 5 PM, and their chatbot is online 24/7 to help. Their Claims team is online 24/7 as well, so there’s always someone to talk to if you need help in a pinch. They provide basic coverage that goes beyond the standard coverages at no extra cost. There are optional endorsements and increased coverage to choose from, but their standard car/home insurance policies include:

Car Insurance

Increased Liability
$1 million in third-party liability coverage

75% Settlement Option
Have your vehicle repaired or replaced if the damage exceeds 75% of its value.

Free Rental Cars
They’ll cover a rental car if yours is being repaired or replaced

Accident Forgiveness
Keep your good driving record intact. They won’t hold your first collision against you.

Ticket Forgiveness
One slip-up shouldn’t cost you. Your first minor traffic ticket won’t increase your monthly bill.

Collision & Comprehensive
Physical damage protection against just about everything. Included with most policies, but optional.

Home Insurance
Home and Detached Structures
Coverage for other structures on your property (like your garage, pool, etc.)

Personal Property
They’ll cover common items and valuables if they’re stolen or damaged inside your home, or somewhere else.

Additional Living Expenses
They’ll cover accommodations for you and your family if your home is unlivable, while it’s being repaired.

Personal Liability
If you’re sued over someone else’s injury or property damage, you’ll have legal protection.

Guaranteed Replacement Cost
If your home is damaged or destroyed, they’ll repair or replace it – even if the cost exceeds its estimated value.

Flood and Sewer Backup
This provides coverage for flooding, torrential downpours, and backed-up sewers.

Home Sharing
Coverage for if you occasionally rent out your home through Airbnb or another sharing service.

Identity Theft
If you or someone in your home is a victim of identity theft, we’ll help you through the recovery process.

Is there anything else that Perch users should know about Onlia?

They’re an insurance provider that focuses on safety first. They want to make Canada a safer place to live, and offering insurance that protects you and your loved ones is just one way they do that.